Herringswell Manor



Herringswell Manor is a large mock Tudor house built as a private home in 1901 on the previous site of the Manor.

In 1981 the Manor and 14 acres was bought by members of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh sect and up to 200 'orange people' as they were known due to their coloured robes, lived in the commune

These new residents raised the population requiring, for the first time, the establishment of a Parish Council . The Baghwan died and the commune was wound up in 1985.

The house was bought by the Shi Tennoji school, a Japanese Buddhist boarding school and was closed in 2001 because of falling numbers.

The property has now been converted into luxury apartments, the first of which became available for sale in the summer of 2006.

On 18 July 2007, Olive Belson (nee Gregory), who celebrated her 90th birthday, made a visit to Herringswell Manor to recollect her days as a child when she visited Herringswell. Her father, Elijah Gregory, was head coachman to the Ballance family.

With thanks to her and her sons, Christopher and Derek, for providing us with some lovely images which you can see here: